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Today, Tufuli-lab is a company that operates in the creation of content and products for children from infant to teenage years.
We aim to provide quality content and products that are interactive, fun and encourage learning in kids of all ages.

Our Mission

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Discovery. Innovation. Creation.

The Mission of Tufuli-lab is to provide the playing and learning experience to kids from all over the world through the power of immersive storytelling, inclusive contents and beautiful spaces.

What we can do for you

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Custom spaces for your different events

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Good contents and products for your kids.

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Kid areas at home or in your establishment.

Meet Divine

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The CEO and co founder of Tufuli Lab. Her passion for early childhood has led her to become a kindergarten teacher. With her the kids always have the most amazing time unleashing their creativity. Her favorite quote

"children must be thought HOW to think not WHAT to think"

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